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Author: sivart_sf

Siv Art was born in the Southern Hemisphere in the ‘M’. He grew up curious about the world but was conflicted as he was indoctrinated into a Catholic tradition inspired by the Jesuits. That made him ask questions and sometimes too many. At one stage he found himself to be an atheist. However, once again he found that many questions still remained unanswered. Today he finds himself somewhere in between. His motivation in life has always been to ask the questions and raise possibilities that no one else necessarily wants to. It is for this very reason that he has always been drawn towards science-fiction and to those who have previously answered its’ call.

Colors of the Spectrum

The tale of Sam Goodwin. Researching on a space Station alone for ten years has taken ist toll. The scientist has enough and comes up with an idea, a hypothesis to be tested.
Little does Sam know that what is about to be discovered will have ever lasting effects on the entire cosmos.

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Godly Insight: What is it all About?

Many People have been asking me what is the Godly Insight Series all about? Who is Detective Arnold J. Thompson and who is ‘Her’? I will admit there are a lot of mysteries and the series has just only begun. I hope to enlighten as much as I can without giving too much away. But I do want your Input, you the Reader, as well. Let’s see where this takes us…

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